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Re: rpcgen with env variable CPP set to "cc -E"

Christos Zoulas writes:
| Not to discourage you, but this patch creates more problems than it solves,
| and it introduces a non-portable rpcgen behavior. If you want to use a custom
| cpp, go a step further and make a shell script that behaves the way you want
| instead of modifying the source... I think it would be easier to make this
| an argv vector and keep using execv...

What is the non-portable behaviour?

Actually, I'm not trying to use a custom cpp. I would rather have rpcgen
completely ignore $CPP.
I'm just fighting with autoconf and trying to handle the fact that it
insists on defining cpp as "cc -E". Instead of writing a specifig hack
such as "unset CPP" (since other rpcgen on other OS I have access too
don't use the CPP variable) I was trying to solve this in a better
way. And I also had the feeling that defing CPP as "cc -E" is not that
stupid after all.

Now I agree that my patch raises some problem. The first one beeing that
"cc -E" wants files ending in .c. Of course I overlooked that at

Maybe better to forget about all that mess :)

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