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Re: rpcgen with env variable CPP set to "cc -E"

>> Based on the manpage, popen() expects a shell command line as a
>> single string, not the argv array you appear to be passing it.
> I'm not passing an argv array, but a single string.

Okay then, I must have just missed where you patched addarg().  Sorry
for the noise.

>> Furthermore, if you do construct a shell command, won't that lose
>> when the filename in question contains shell metacharacters such as
>> whitespace?
> Yes that's true, I missed this one.  Ideally the input file should be
> passed through cpp's stdin.  But I'm not sure if '-' as a filename
> can be used in a standard way?

Does it need to be?  Won't the cpp run by rpcgen always be the NetBSD
cpp?  Even if cross-building from non-NetBSD, surely rpcgen will be
running the cross-build cpp (= NetBSD-source-tree code) rather than the
build OS's native cpp?

Or have I misunderstood how cross-build tools work?

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