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Re: HEADS UP: plan to switch many ports over to GCC 12 soon

>> gcc12 still doesn't build on macOS.
>> I added wip/gcc12 with some patches adam@ pointed out, but he also
>> reported that the NetBSD build fails with these patches.  They are all
>> C/C++ code patches, so it should be easy enough to limit them with
>> #if defined(__APPLE__)
>> if they are causing problems.
>> The added patches are:
>> patch-gcc_system.h
>> -- 
>> Life is a game.  Play hard.  Play fair.  Have fun.
> That should have read:
> gcc12 still doesn't build on macOS ... with the latest Xcode.
> It may still work with older Xcode, though I haven't tried this.

But 13.3 builds fine with the latest Xcode. At least for me. :)

Kind regards,

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