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Re: HEADS UP: plan to switch many ports over to GCC 12 soon

On Mon, Jun 17, 2024 at 06:14:12AM +1000, Matthew Green wrote:
> > The amd64 build with "-V MKLLVM=yes" now fails with:
> hmm, just that?  my build got to sets and failed with:

No, here's the full line:

# -j 32 -x -V MKDEBUG=yes -V MKDEBUGLIB=yes -V MKLLVM=yes -T /usr/obj/tools.gcc -m amd64 -O /usr/obj/src.amd64 -D /usr/obj/amd64.gcc.20240616 -R /usr/obj/amd64.gcc.20240616.release distribution

I hadn't expected the MKDEBUG/MKDEBUGLIB to make a difference but perhaps it does.

> ./usr/include/g++/version
> =========  end of 1 extra files  ===========
> and i have a fresh AIXException.lo (tools) and AIXException.o
> (external/apache2/llvm/lib/libLLVMAsmPrinter).


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