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Re: tools/isl won't build (GCC 12??)

>> I'm trying to build -current and tools/isl is failing [...]
> thanks, these problems are usually found randomly like this which is
> unfortunate.

I have patches to (5.2) touch which are designed to facilitate such
things.  To randomly reorder the modtimes under /usr/src:

find /usr/src -type f | shuffle -f - | touch -d -1 -i - -t `date +%Y%m%d%H%M.%S`

-d and -i are the additions (5.2 predates -current's -d):

     -d inc  Specify inc, a time increment (`d'elta) in seconds, which is
             added to the time used for each file to give the time used for
             the next file; other options which control the timestamp to be
             used specify the time for the first-affected file.  This has no
             effect unless multiple files are affected.  inc must be an inte-
             ger, and may be negative (producing progressively earlier times).


     -i      Indirect: any file arguments are not files to be manipulated;
             rather, they name files containing filenames, one per line, which
             are to be manipulated.  As a special case, an argument of `-'
             causes names to be read from the standard input.  (This special
             case does not apply unless -i is given.)  This is somewhat like
             using xargs(1) with touch; this option exists because (a) it is
             necessary to allow -d to operate properly even on very long lists
             of files and (b) xargs(1) considers space and tab, as well as
             newline, to delimit arguments.

I can supply diffs relative to 5.2, which may be a useful starting
point if anyone wants to adapt these to -current's touch(1).

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