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re: 'lround' is not a member of 'std'

Thomas Klausner writes:
> Hi!
> When compiling mame on NetBSD-current, I see
> ../../../../../src/osd/modules/input/input_sdl.cpp:891:16: error: 'lround' is not a member of 'std'; did you mean 'lround'?
> I worked around it by removing the "std::" in the package and reported
> this upstream.

/usr/include/g++/bits/x86_64/c++config.h:/* #undef __CORRECT_ISO_CPP11_MATH_H_PROTO_FP */

is what i see in both GCC 10 and GCC 12 builds.  i'll have to
have a look at what the configure doesn't like.  looks like
we may just be missing some it wants?  there's also another
__CORRECT_ISO_CPP11_MATH_H_PROTO_INT we don't have set, and
their comments are:

/* Define if all C++11 floating point overloads are available in <math.h>.  */

/* Define if all C++11 integral type overloads are available in <math.h>.  */


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