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The GNU GDB Debugger and NetBSD (Part 5)

The NetBSD developers maintain two copies of GDB:

* One in the base-system that includes a significant set of local patches.
* Another one in pkgsrc whose patching is limited to mostly build fixes.

The base-system version of GDB (GPLv3) still relies on local patching to
work. I have set a goal to reduce the number of custom patches to bare
minimum, ideally achieving the state of GDB working without any local
modifications at all.

The NetBSD support in GNU binutils and GDB is improving promptly, and
the most popular platforms of amd64, i386 and aarch64 are getting proper
support out of the box, without downstream patches. The remaining
patches for these CPUs include: streamlining kgdb support, adding native
GDB support for aarch64, local modifications in the GNU binutils
components (especially BFD and ld) and portability enhancements in the
dependent projects like libiberty and gnulib. Then, the remaining work
is to streamline support for the remaining CPUs (Alpha, VAX, MIPS, HPPA,
IA64, SH3, PPC, etc.), to develop the missing generic features (such as
listing open file descriptors for the specified process) and to fix
failures in the regression test-suite.

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