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re: libgcc not built?

hmm, since you don't actually want native GCC, can you see
what happens if you work from now?  ie, the bootstrap-libgcc
phase should be sufficient, and the majority of it is about
the other commands.

for the actual error, is libgcc installed anywhere in your
$DESTDIR?  step 6 should have done this:

> 6. In src/external/gpl3/gcc/lib/libgcc, do
>    "nbmake-MACHINE obj includes dependall install".

did the 'install' not do anything here?


ps: i see you are using an extremely old netbsd, that has
GCC 4.5?  that's netbsd-6, which we stopped maintaining
a while ago now.  any chance you can update your tree to
something newer?  -current has GCC 7 (and will be in the
netbsd 9 release), -8 has GCC 5, and -7 has GCC 4.8.

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