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re: libgcc not built?

> >> Thanks for your answer :)
> >>
> >> Is src/tools/gcc/README.mknative relevant for my cross compilation
> >> toolchain?
> >> Or only for a *native* (host=lm32 target=lm32) toolchain?
> > you need libgcc from somewhere.  typically that comes from
> > base netbsd, but for brand new ports with no in-tree help
> > it may come from the $EXTERNAL_TOOLCHAIN.  for new ports
> > using base gcc, we typically use libgcc built normally,
> > but if you don't want a host compiler, MKGCCCMDS=no is
> > supported (and default, on eg sun2.)
> >
> > which compiler are you using?
> I am using the cross compiler built by ./ -m milkymist -u -U tools
> It seems that when it builds the cross compiler, it does not build the 
> libgcc.
> How am I supposed to make the build system generate libgcc?
> I use MKGCCCMDS=no when I run the "build" target (./ -m 
> milkymist -u -U build).
> Maybe I should use it also for the "tools" target?

see src/tools/gcc/README.mknative.  to get libgcc you'll need
to get this working at least minimally.  there is a special
bootstrap for just libgcc itself that may still work, but it
has been a while since a brand new platform was added.  the
readme seems to have most useful details, but let me know if
you aren't sure.

you may want to set MKGCCCMDS=no always.  btw, this has no
effect on the tools build.  it only affects whether the gcc
commands (/usr/bin/gcc etc) are installed or not.


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