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Re: adding src/

On 10/10/18 10:32, matthew green wrote:
> one comment in general, not this specific instance:
>> - Why "VAX" and "M68k" are capitalized while "arm64" and "amd64" are
>>    not? Why don't you use "aarch64" instead of "arm64"? How do you
>>    choose options for (what happens if they don't have ~/obj)?
>>    etc.
> please, use arm64 in any public documentation and avoid using
> the confusing "aarch64" anywhere that doesn't _need_ it.
> we don't want to repeat the "amd64" problem where people don't
> install it on 64 bit intel system because it says amd.
> thanks.
> .mrg.

Then you've got it backwards.  ThunderX2, for example, is not an Arm
core, it's Cavium's own design.

The /Architecture/ name is AArch64; it avoids using Arm for precisely
the reason you state - it causes confusion as to which products support it.


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