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adding src/

GitHub will display the (markdown) or README (plaintext) of a
project's top-level. This has been copied by most competitors to GitHub
as well, and is seen as the standard way to provide a short introduction
to a project.

I created one, and I'd like to add it.
The biggest concern about it is being an additional source of
information that becomes out of date -- and I don't believe the
information will need much updating in the near future.

It uses markdown because that produces a friendlier result. I think the
text is just as readable when viewed as plaintext.

When viewed as markdown, it looks like this:

Let me know if you have any objections. I'd like to commit it soon.

NetBSD is a complete operating system.  
It supports a wide range of machines from recent arm64 and amd64
machines to VAX and M68k.


Cross-building is possible from most UNIX-like operating systems.  
To build for amd64 (x86_64), in the src directory:  
    ./ -U -u -j4 -m amd64 -O ~/obj release

Additional build information available in the BUILDING file.


- [Daily builds](  
- [Releases](


On a running NetBSD system  
    cd /usr/tests; atf-run |atf-report


- Bugs and patches can be sent [via web form](  
- Several [mailing lists]( exist.  
  The netbsd-users list is a good choice for many problems.  
- A community IRC channel exist on [#netbsd @ freenode](

Latest sources

To fetch the main CVS repository:  
    cvs -d checkout -P src

Additional documentation

[The NetBSD Guide](

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