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make cleandir fails in src/lib


I have a problem with "make cleandir" since 4.99.x, caused by the
${MKLDAP} part in src/lib/Makefile:

.if (${MKLDAP} != "no")
                                # depends on libcrypto - only if ${MKCRYPTO}
SUBDIR+=        ../external/bsd/openldap/lib

It leads to the following error message:

cleandir ===> lib
make: "/home/frank/netbsd/current/src/lib/Makefile" line 107: Unassociated shell command "# depends on libcrypto - only if ${MKCRYPTO}"
make: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

This can easily be fixed by making the '#' start at the first column.
Should I fix that and commit, or is there someting I am missing?

Frank Wille

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