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Re: make: avoid segfault on parse error

In you write:

>> -    if (*cfname != '/' && strcmp(cfname, "(stdin)") != 0) {
>> +    if (*cfname != '/' && *cfname != '(') {

>I question the correctness of this (either version, actually).  It
>looks as though someone assumed no actual Makefile name would begin
>with a left paren (or, in the older version, be "(stdin)").

I agree - in principle at least.

>Of course, since all it does is produce a more verbose error message,
>it probably isn't a big deal in this case, but I consider bad
>precedents a Bad Thing....

Again I agree, but I'm not sure its worth adding more processing 
just for this case.

If others concurr, I don't mind changing it though.


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