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Re: default TOOLDIR

On Fri, 24 Oct 2008, Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
> BTW, how is the default TOOLDIR determined even in the old way?

It's too complicated to think about.  So I recommend that everybody
should always pass "-T TOOLDIR" and "-O OBJDIR" options to

> If we don't have /usr/src/obj at the first build,
> it seems to be /usr/src/tooldir.${host_ostype}.

The location of the top level obj directory depends on so many factors,
such as the name of the source directory (not necessarily "/usr/src",
the value of BSDSRCDIR (not necessarily "/uar/src"), the values of
name of the default tools directory depends on the name of the top level
obj directory.

> At the second build, we already have /usr/src/obj
> because the first build has created it.

If could figure out the name of the top level obj dir, then it
could just create it, and not have this difference between the first and
second runs.

You seem to understand this stuff better than most people do.  Could you
try to get to reliably detect the name of the top level obj
directory and create it?

> - Should existing /usr/src/tooldir.${host_ostype} be prior to
>   /usr/src/obj/tooldir.${host_ostype} returend by getmakevar()?
>   Or should we create /usr/src/obj (or obj.${MACHINE}) earlier
>   for proper default TOOLDIR?

If we could create the obj dir earlier, I think that would go a
long way towards solving problems like this.

> - Should we also check
>   ${guess_TOOLDIR}/obj/bin/${toolprefix}make and
>   ${guess_TOOLDIR}/obj.${MACHINE}/bin/${toolprefix}make
>   in try_set_TOOLDIR()?

If you think that will help, sure.

--apb (Alan Barrett)

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