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binutils 2.18.50 patches


Current binutils 2.16.1 (and some patches) has an issue with ARM and
thumb mode. I have not yet managed to pinpoint which perhaps reported
bug it is, but ld generates code to the plt section in ARM mode when it
should have generated thumb or thumb-inteworking code.

Anyway, the issue was fixed by upgrading to newer binutils snapshot like 

To cross builders, the binutils upgrade was as easy as it gets: just
unpack newer binutils tar ball to gnu/dist, move the path name from
gnu/dist/binutils-version to gnu/dist/binutils, run './ tools',
fix some exposed build issues, and start using.

Some more work was needed to get a native version of binutils build but here
are my patches to do it. The all in one tar: 


Or one by one:

 * binutils 2.18.50 as a 71M patch

Newer binutils exposes some issues, which I've worked around with these 


Feel free to comment this work, or build upon it when it's time for NetBSD
to look at a tool chain upgrade.

Thanks for your time.


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