Subject: Re: make(1)'s inbuilt objdir handling
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List: tech-toolchain
Date: 06/21/2005 11:00:06
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On Tue, Jun 21, 2005 at 01:39:16PM +1000, Luke Mewburn wrote:
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> I personally believe that rules 3 through 5 should be removed from make.
> Rationale:
>     *	They're not documented in make(1)'s manual page.
>     *	They cause enormous confusion when building programs without
> 	MAKEOBJDIR or MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX, especially programs outside
> 	of the "standard" NetBSD source tree, that have:
> 	    -	a subdirectory called "obj",
> 	    -	a subdirectory called "obj.`uname -n`"
> 		(although that's less likely), or
> 	    -	a directory in /usr/obj/`pwd`
> This would solve a bunch of complaints users have raised,
> allow us to use our (NetBSD) make for some packages which
> currently use GNU make to avoid the "obj" subdir .OBJDIR frobbery,
> and result in less effort required to modify make(1)'s manual
> page to match reality.

FWIW, as a user, I'm for it. Once a developer is aware of the
MAKEOBJDIR* env variables (and they are in the man pages even if, I, for
one, totally missed to notice that I had to deal with) everything can be
under his control (unset or set to not existent value as suggested by
David Laight), while the "obj*/" stuff depends not only on the tree of
the program compiled, but also on the total tree of the host which is
clearly out of control.

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