Subject: Upgrade path to SMP
To: None <>
From: Mark White <>
List: tech-smp
Date: 09/13/2001 10:43:58
I've got a Dual PIII-1GHz machine one the way; from reading this list
archive, it looks like I'll want to try sommerfield_i386mp_1. :-) Two
quick questions, though - forgive me if they are faqs:

1. Presumably, if I initially install main branch NetBSD, it will work
just fine (using only one of the processors)?

2. So I can avoid having to rebuild userland later: is it better to
import sys/arch/i386 from sommerfield_i386mp_1 into -current, or
something stable (1.5.x)?  Elsewhere I generally use NetBSD -current.

TIA, & please CC me any reply as I'm not subscribed here yet.

Mark <><