Subject: pf doesn't start normally anymore
To: Peter Postma <>
From: Mipam <>
List: tech-security
Date: 08/11/2005 00:13:56

I've installed the new /etc/rc.d/pf file.
Now it immidiatly complains about my pf.conf file.
Normally it didnt do so. running /etc/rc.d/pf start
doesnt complain at all after the complete boot.
I don't know why but pf.conf rule 37 in my case cannot be parsed at boot 

line number 36: pass in on $ext_if inet proto tcp from any \
line number 37: to $ext_if port 55000 >< 57000 user proxy \
line number 38: flags S/SA keep state

I never had this problem before the change of the /etc/rc.d/pf file.
Also there is no problem running pf after the complete boot.
What could be the problem here?