Subject: Re: daily (& security) mail not delivered
To: William Allen Simpson <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-security
Date: 06/29/2003 20:24:40
>Given the recent revelation that this fellow is the guy that checked 
>in without thorough testing, and his admission that "sysinst isn't 
>something i know all that much about", maybe I ought to test his 
>other claims as well....

i did a pile of testing, not including running 8.12.x on my production
machines for at least a year.  so far it seems all i missed when i
updated was tweaking the afterboot instructions to point out that you
need to start an smtp listener to get local mail delivered.

>> >> sendmail likes to fully qualify things, especially for smtp
>> >> transactions.  if i "echo test | mail root", my fully qualified
>> >> hostname gets added.  if i "echo test | mail root@localhost", the
>> >> localhost piece gets removed and replaced with my fully qualified
>> >> hostname.  it sounds to me like your machine wasn't completely
>> >> configured.
>> >
>> >You mean "sounds to me like your machine wasn't completely configured
>> >BY SYSINST."  Yes, that's why I'm raising the issues.
>> sysinst isn't something i know all that much about.  i do, however,
>> know how i want my machines to behave, so i check all sorts of things
>> and tweak stuff manually all the time.  as to what sysinst does, or
>> how much it should or should not, i can't say.
>OK, let's try it:
>dreamer: {1} echo test | mail root
>dreamer: {2} echo testlocal | mail root@localhost
>dreamer: {4} su
>dreamer: {1} cd /var/spool/clientmqueue
>dreamer: {2} ll
>H??To: root@localhost
>No, he's wrong!  The localhost piece IS NOT "replaced with my fully 
>qualified hostname."

okay, so the smtp listener will do that.  that's academic.

>The delivery is attempted to "". 

right.  as has been established.  you need to fix your dns so that the
name of isn't

>I don't know where or how he ran his regression testing, but it wasn't 
>against -current.

actually, some of it was, though it wasn't as current as current is
today, since i did it a while ago.

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