Subject: Re: daily (& security) mail not delivered
To: William Allen Simpson <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: tech-security
Date: 06/27/2003 21:33:39
>>     Andrew Brown has suggested a somewhat larger patch for the
>>     sendmail install, instead. 
>so you have two choices.  the first is the one i detailed to you
>(create your own from the, tweak it, build
>the corresponding cf, and install it), though you could just as easily
>have tweaked /etc/rc.conf in the manner described above.  either way,
>you'd have to start the sendmail smtp daemon.
>on the postfix side, if you want, you'd still have to tweak the config
>file, enable it in /etc/rc.conf, and start it.  you'd also have to
>tweak another file, and select it via /etc/mailer.conf.  it's about
>the same amount of work either way, imho.
>either way there's configuration to be done.  pick your poison.  :)

furthermore, these two choices are the same because:

both sendmail and postfix require you to enable them in /etc/rc.conf
and start them.

both sendmail and postfix require you to configure them to disable the
globally visible smtp service.  they will also both be happier if you
have done a bit more configuration of the system before you start

both sendmail and postfix will queue mail entered locally and leave it
there if the main process is not running.

however, these two choices are different because:

in order to use postfix, you have to specifically select it in the
/etc/mailer.conf file.

the mail that sendmail queues when the main process is not running
must be manually flushed, and/or you must also run a separate process
to periodically flush said queue (whereas postfix will clean out its
local inbound queue when you start it).

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