Subject: Re: rfc2228 in ftpd (on topic for a change)
To: Aidan Cully <>
From: Johan Danielsson <>
List: tech-security
Date: 07/01/2002 19:07:16
Aidan Cully <> writes:

> The Heimdal FTP client isn't fully RFC compliant, and I've sent a
> couple of messages to heimdal-discuss describing the problem and how
> to fix it, but never heard anything back.

Heimdal development has been in some kind of limbo lately.  I should
pull myself together and make a relase some time soon. There are just
a few things to fix first...

I think I've actually fixed (pretty much like you suggested) this ftp
bug. Should test some more though.

I think we'll probably just (again) steal the NetBSD ftp code once you
integrate the sec stuff. There has been some development in the ftp
directory since last time we took it. :-)