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Re: src and xsrc merge proposal

On Feb 20, 2020, at 11:41 AM, Kamil Rytarowski <> wrote:
> On 20.02.2020 20:32, Chris Hanson wrote:
>> On Feb 20, 2020, at 7:44 AM, Kamil Rytarowski <> wrote:
>>> xsrc (or at least its content) will be still around for foreseeable future.
>>> wayland in theory does not have special hardware requirements that are
>>> higher than xorg. It is probably lighter in practice. but it needs
>>> people porting existing hardware to it.
>> So you’re saying you expect Wayland and applications written for it should work fine on a 16MHz 68020 with a 1-bit framebuffer?
> wayland is a protocol and it should handle 1-bit framebuffer.

Please don’t fall back to “it’s just a protocol” and “should.” Does any concrete implementation of Wayland currently support things like 1- to 8-bit framebuffers without any sort of hardware compositing? Do any concrete implementations actually run with reasonable performance on the variety of hardware that NetBSD supports?

> In practice we will likely preserve Xorg for tier2/tier3 machines as
> long as they will be supported.

You were just saying that it’d be discontinued and archived. Which is it?

> Out of tier1 ports, on amd64/aarch64 we might switch completely to
> wayland but it will be a process taking years.

Who’s we and why would we “switch" to it? Rather than just have it available as another alternative to use?

  -- Chris

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