Subject: Seamonkey 1.1.4 incompatibility with latest glib2/pango/cairo
To: None <>
From: Vincent <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 09/21/2007 09:17:04
Hi there,

I've been updating the glib2/gtk2 package to the new major versions 
(2.14.1/2.12.0). While rebuilding seamonkey, I got an error, due to the 
fact that the seamonkey package holds a proprietary copy of the cairo 
distribution (in the gfx subdirectory), copy which seems to be stale and 
not compatible with the pango version that was rebuilt after glib2 update.

The trick is to remove an intermediate cache subdirectory which holds 
links to the gfx directory that holds the copy. With the links erased, 
the building process uses the right links stored in .buildlink/include 
instead of the local copy, and the build goes fine.

Can the makefile be patched in order to do so automatically, because 
that stale copy rises errors twice during the build of seamonkey.