Subject: thunderbird and acroread7
To: None <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/15/2007 14:36:48
I have an i386 system that's running netbsd-4 and a build of pkgsrc head
from a few months ago.  When a message is viewed in Thunderbird (1.5)
and a pdf attachment double-clicked, acroread (acroread7, linux
emulation) fails to start up.

I get a message about bad symbols in a library, and I'm pretty sure
(from debugging this a while ago) that what's happening is that
LD_LIBRARY_PATH is still set in the environment (apparently because all
mozilla-world programs have hairy extra libs and set LD_LIBRARY_PATH),
leading to the linux binary acoread7 loading a NetBSD library instead of
the Linux library that it should.

Creating a script that unsets LD_LIBRARY_PATH and then execs acroread
causes "opening attachments" to work.

As I see it this is a thunderbird bug - the environment for subprocesses
should arguably be the same as the environment passed to thunderbird,
and the LD_LIBRARY_PATH cruft and any other changes removed.

Does this theory make sense?  Is anyone else seeing problems with
acroread7 and thunderbird?