Subject: Re: packaging Thunderbird
To: Geert Hendrickx <>
From: Greg Troxel <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/11/2007 11:28:36

Geert Hendrickx <> writes:

> The _easiest_ solution (for me as a maintainer, and for users using
> pkg_rolling_replace or other scripts) is to simply upgrade mail/thunderbird
> to Thunderbird 2, but we need to make sure it works on other hardware than
> my own i386 box first.  So, would it make sense to:
> 3) Import mail/thunderbird2 as an "experimental" Thunderbird 2.0 package
>    (for testing), and once it works well, remove it again and upgrade the
>    existing mail/thunderbird package to 2.0.0.x, preferably before 2007Q2.
>    (mail/thunderbird2 could also be wip/thunderbird2 for less confusion?)

Given that tbird people are 'strongly urging' upgrade, I'd say that the
package names should reflect their wishes.  So I'd go for import a copy
as thunderbird15, update main pkg to 2, and tell anyone who's losing
that they can build thunderbird15.  But your way is ok too - the only
people inconvenienced are those who update to thunderbird2 and then want
to use pkg_{chk,rolling-replace}.   But the fix is just pkg_deleting
tbird2 and then building mail/tbird, and that's not bad.

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