Subject: Re: [PATCH] devel/apr* www/apache2* revamp
To: Eric Gillespie <>
From: Juan RP <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/24/2007 06:44:57
On Tue, 23 Jan 2007 19:42:59 -0800
Eric Gillespie <> wrote:

> When i split devel/apr out of www/apache2, the situation where it
> builds from the apache2 distfile was meant to be temporary.  At
> the time, apr had no release cycle of its own yet, being
> pre-release software.  When it did start releasing, the policy
> for the apache 2.0.x line was to ship its own apr which did not
> necessarily match the apr 0.9.x releases.
> This problem has never existed for the 2.2.x line, and therefore
> there is no need to continue this hack.  So, i have renamed
> devel/apr to devel/apr0, updated devel/apr to 1.2.8, and created
> devel/apr-util 1.2.8.
> I have dropped the devel/apr1 patches; patch-an and patch-ao are
> redundant to the --with-devrandom=/dev/urandom option in
> CONFIGURE_ARGS; patch-ap and patch-aq are unneeded changes to
> config.layout files.  devel/apr1 can now be removed.
> In addition to the changes to devel/rapidsvn,
> parallel/ganglia-monitor-core, and security/hydra, i tested
> ap2-python with apache2 and apache22.
> You can find the updated packages here:
> or extracted here:
> apache-apr.diff is the diff against existing files.
> If no one objects, i'll commit these changes tomorrow.
> This tree also contains a new package serf and subversion
> packages (updated for 1.4.3, configurable to build with
> apr/apache22, and configurable to use serf instead of neon (as
> will likely become the default in 1.5)).  I will not be
> committing these changes until 1.4.3 is released; for now, i will
> simply be changing them to use apr0.

I was thinking of doing this myself, but I did not finish it...
So please commit and thanks for your work!

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