Subject: KDE, gtk2+ and hicolor-icon-theme
To: None <>
From: Mark Davies <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/18/2007 17:33:49
I'd like to move KDE's icon tree back from ${PREFIX}/share/kde/icons 
to ${PREFIX}/share/icons to conform to the XDG, which in general 
would mean adding a dependency on hicolor-icon-theme to kde packages.

However this will pull in a dependency on gtk2 as some gtk app is used 
to rebuild an icon-cache that presumably gtk and gnome apps use when 
accessing icons (KDE doesn't use it).  I could skip the dependency 
and cache rebuild if I define HICOLOR_ICON_THEME_DEPEND_ONLY but then 
if you are in a world of KDE and gnome coexistence the cache wouldn't 
be right for gnome apps.

So suggestions?
  - define HICOLOR_ICON_THEME_DEPEND_ONLY and leave gnome users to 
manually run gtk-update-icon-cache if its an issue.  After all they 
don't see the icons now anyway as they're not in the right tree.
  - have the gtk2 dependency - no big deal, chances are if you have 
kde installed you'll also have some gtk2 packages around.
  - something else ...