Subject: Mesa 6.5.2 / xorg- with glx
To: Blair Sadewitz <>
From: Vincent <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 01/08/2007 22:24:54

the X11 serveur with the GLX option will not compile. There is a bug in 
the xglcompose.c file. A macro defined at the beginning reads like this:

#define XGL_GET_SOURCE_PICTURE(pPicture, outSurface)\
   (outSurface) = ((pPicture)->pDrawable) ?   \  	
     XGL_GET_PIXMAP_PRIV ((PixmapPtr) (pPicture)->pDrawable)->surface : \
     (glitz_surface_t *)(pPicture)->pSourcePict->source.devPrivate.ptr

pSourcePict is a pointer on a union called _SourcePict in 
render/picturestr.h. But that union contains no member called source, so 
the compilation fails.

Worse, there is somewhere in the same picturestr.h a structure that 
contains a devPrivate field, but that devPrivate is defined as a void *, 
so no hope to take a member out of that.

I'll try to figure that out, unless somebody out there have a hinch.