Subject: Re: librsvg2
To: Arto Huusko <>
From: James Chacon <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/16/2003 09:10:13
Try forcing a rebuild on pango. It used to not pickup the right freetype
libs correctly and that was fixed a while back.


>On Thu, 15 May 2003, James Chacon wrote:
>> Check your buildlink dir for librsvg2 and make sure is
>> linked in there.
>OK, I got only (and .6(!)) in the buildlink dir. So,
>after all I took Thomas' advice, and added BUILDLINK_DEPENDS line to
>librsvg2's Makefile.
>This got me so far that I now also have in the buildlink
>dir and points to /usr/pkg/lib/, which points
>to .9.3. So I'm guessing I'm now picking the correct version.
>However, this got me not a bit further. The build bombs in the same place.
>So I went back to pango. I now see that libpangoft seems to always want to
>use libfreetype 8, while other libpango* files depend on both 9 and 8 (9
>first). I tried the BUILDLINK_DEPENDS trick with pango too, but it didn't
>Is my pkg installation somehow screwed, or what's wrong. I've been using
>make replace lately a lot (since buildlink usually seems to require that
>I have installed at least the version that pkgsrc has [for example, I have
>glib 1.2.xxnb3, put when building an app that buildlinks with glib, I'm
>required to install nb4]). But I'd guess that shouldn't be an issue here,
>since libfreetype 8 came with X, not from a package.
>> If it's not something isn't picking up all the libraries correctly for you
>> on buildlink.
>> What X version do have installed?
>4.2.x, so I have libfreetype 8 shipped by X, and libfreetype 9 as a package.