Subject: Re: GConf2-ui and other GNOME2 configuring
To: Arto Huusko <>
From: Urban Boquist <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 05/15/2003 23:06:57
>>>>> Arto Huusko writes:

Arto> Also, in which package does the Theme configuration exist?

If you use the (default) metacity window manager you should be able to
install a new theme like this:

      cd ~/.themes
      tar zxvf <some-where>/MCity-Bluecurve.tar.bz2
      gconftool-2 --type=string --set /apps/metacity/general/theme Bluecurve

Lots of themes are available at

Arto> When I try to use it, it complains that "gnome-themes" package
Arto> has not been installed.

Yeah, I get that too. But who needs a GUI... ;-) ;-)

Kind regards,

        -- Urban

P.S. I'd also like to express a really BIG thank you to Julio and
others for all their work on Gnome2, it is just great!