Subject: gnome-libs configure script
To: None <>
From: Ruibiao Qiu <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 12/09/2001 13:47:48
Hi, all

I just installed an i386 box to 1.5.2.  When I build gnome-libs, it complies
that "gmodule" can not be found (as shown in the config.log).  It seems that
when checking for gmodule, the LIBS in the $ac_link is not updated, only
LD_FLAGS does.  So, I have to add something like this:

LIBS="-lgmodule -lglib"

This works for now, but I think there must be some other reasons for this
errors because it builds fine on other machines (shared pkgsrc tree).  Maybe I
missed something.  Also, I noticed that there is no more
/usr/pkgsrc/mk.conf.example, so, I used the older /etc/mk.conf.  Is this ok?