Subject: Changing spool directory for mail
To: None <>
From: Charlie Root <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/27/2000 07:23:31
I would like to move my users' mail files into their home directory.
I can easily do this with a small change to procmail but I was thinking
that it would be nice to do this with a variable in /etc/mk.conf.  I
am sure that other programs can benefit by being aware of the preference,
POP daemon e.g.

The change for procmail is based on defining MAILSPOOLHOME="/.mail" define
in src/authenticate.c but I am sure a simple CFLAG addition would do just
as well rather than modifying the file.  The variable seems as good as
any I can think of so I am proposing that MAILSPOOLHOME be considered
the flag for this with the above definition suggested as a reasonable
default.  Other alternatives:

  - MAILSPOOLHOME = YES       # assume "/.mail" for procmail and
                              # whatever other programs need.  Pro:
                              # Doesn't rely on specific string that
                              # may not work for other programs.  Con:
                              # User can't select directory name.

  - MAILSPOOLHOME = ".mail"   # Procmail can add leading "/" while
                              # other programs do whatever magic
                              # they need.  Same pro as above
                              # without the con.

Assuming the latter, here's the change I see for the procmail Makefile
after loading the prefs.

#define CFLAGS += "\"/${MAILSPOOLHOME}\""

And similarly for other programs related to mail delivery.  Good idea?

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