Subject: Re: pkg/10835: Package upgrade procedure sucks
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/17/2000 08:05:07
>> something like this might not be bad anyway.  OpenBSD has implemented
>> something they call "fake" which when building a binary pkg, installs to a
>> fake dir (I haven't looked to see if its done via chroot).  Then the PLIST
>> is used to tar up the result.  They did it to avoid stuff being installed
>> that wasn't correctly listed in PLIST.  
>cool.  we should pick this up.

	PLIST gets very correct, but the approach makes it very hard to cook
	up a pkgsrc, for the following cases:
	- if the original software distribution does not honor installation
	  prefix specified (configure --prefix, for example).  in this case,
	  we basically need to rewrite all the installation procedure.
	- if the original software hardcodes pathname into the binary.  in this
	  case, we need to rewrite the portion into something else.

	i'm still not 100% convinced if "fake" port is the way to go...