Subject: naive question: getting pkg system to use non-pkg perl ?
To: None <>
From: Danny Thomas <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/15/2000 20:28:01
is it possible or desirable to get the package system to use a perl
installed out of a standard distribution into the standard system
directories, ie not the perl that's part of pkgsrc?

in the simplest case, it seems that commenting USE_PERL5 out of the
Makefile seems to work. But then the problem rears it's head in any
dependant modules which get built. There's also the issue with stuff
getting installed in site_perl, etc.

I'm asking now that perl-5.7.0 (developer release) is about to hit the
streets, followed in perhaps a few weeks by 5.6.1 (stable release)

I've had a brief look through the NetBSD FAQs and packages.txt, so is there
a way to get the package system to use a 'system' perl ? how ?
FYIY I'm using the pkgsrc from 1.4Y

Danny Thomas