Subject: Surfraw package (0.5.7) now has handy netbsd client
To: None <>
From: Julian Assange <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/12/2000 22:22:12
$ netbsd -help
Usage: netbsd [options] [search-string | PR-number]
  Surfraw search NetBSD related information
Local options:
  -mail[=(yes|no)]              Search netbsd mailinglists
                                Default: no
                                Environment: SURFRAW_netbsd_mail
  -pr[=(yes|no)]                Query Problem Reports
                                Default: no
                                Environment: SURFRAW_netbsd_pr
  netbsd                        Teleport to the NetBSD website
  netbsd mycroft                Search NetBSD website for odeur de mycroft
  netbsd -mail                  Teleport to the mail-index Query form
  netbsd -mail proff            Search mailing-list archives for odeur de proff
  netbsd -pr                    Query Problem Report form
  netbsd -pr 666                Display PR 666
Global options:
  -browser=EXECUTABLE           Set browser
                                Default: links
                                Environment: SURFRAW_browser
  -elvi                         Display a list of other Surfraw mechanims for
                                conquering evil
  -escape-url-args=yes|no       Apply url escaping to arguments
                                Default: yes
                                Environment: SURFRAW_escape_url_args
  -p0rn=yes|no                  Yes, yes, harder, deeper, faster, oh baybe
                                Default: yes
                                Environment: SURFRAW_p0rn
  -help                         What you're reading now, dude
  -quiet=yes|no                 I can't enjoy it with you talking all the time
                                Default: no
                                Environment: SURFRAW_quiet
  -q|quote                      Bracket arguments with " characters
                                Default: no
                                Environment: SURFRAW_quote_args
  -version                      Display Surfraw version (0.5.7)
  Copyright (c) 2000 Julian Assange <>
  Copyright (c) 2000 Melbourne Institute for Advanced Study