Subject: Re: mozilla maintainer wanted
To: None <>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/20/2000 19:12:53
   Does anyone care to adopt our mozilla package?
   If so, please use the usual methods to send us pkgs.

    - Hubert

   Microsoft: "Where do you want to go today?"
   Linux:     "Where do you want to be tomorrow?"
   BSD:       "Are you guys coming, or what?"

I have been trying to get the current mozilla source to build on
NetBSD/i386 with no real luck.  It compiles, but drops core trying to
register its components.  There may be code-gen bugs or a problem with the
mozilla source.

The actual killer appears to be a strlen call in JS_NewStringCopyZ.  The
stack is strange enough that makes it hard for gdb to decode it.

If I ever happen upon a solution I'll send it along, but I am not hopeful
for anything in the near future.

There appears to be a FreeBSD port in the Mozilla tinderbox that is often
times green, but I have not tried it, and the Linux version of Netscape 6,
based on the Mozilla source seems to work.

Brad Spencer -
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