Subject: Re: Spruce
To: Robert D. Mohr <>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/17/2000 04:23:23
On Sun, 16 Apr 2000, Robert D. Mohr wrote:
> The Spruce email package does not work correctly as is in the current NetBSD
> package distribution.  The program *does* compile, however certain functions
> (like actually receiving mail) do not work.  I'm including an email from the
> author of this program.  It appears that the current versions of Spruce have
> some dependencies that aren't being addressed in the current NetBSD package
> distribution.  In particular, the current versions of Spruce make use of
> POSIX threads.  The author indicates that LinuxThread support should be
> installed in order for this application to function at this time.  I wasn't
> able to locate a LinuxThreads port in the NetBSD package hierarchy.  Is this
> being worked on?

try the devel/unproven-pthreads pkg.

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> It seems that BSD users might need to install the LinuxThreads port in order
> to successfully build/run Spruce as it currently is.
> I recognize that this is a "hassle" and that I should find a better way to
> handle this in the future. If anyone has experience programming on BSD
> systems using posix threads, I would greatly appreciate a fix whether it be
> a configure option or, better yet, some way to autodetect which lib is to
> be used and any source modifications might be needed.

Maybe look at bind9 for an example... it detects the unproven-pthreads pkg
properly. (It also looks for pthread, but i don't know if bind9 will
actually work with pth).

> In the meanwhile, I will add that requirement to the README file for future
> releases.
> I thank you all for reporting this problem and for using Spruce ;-)
> Jeff
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