Subject: testing of PostgreSQL on NetBSD
To: None <,>
From: Brook Milligan <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 04/07/2000 12:06:39
PostgreSQL is about to release version 7.0.  We have maintained a pkg
for postgresql in the past and no doubt will continue to do so.
However, there are several NetBSD ports for which no testing has been

> NetBSD-arm32 (Andrew McMurry)
> NetBSD-m68k (nothing since v6.4; obsolete?)
> NetBSD-ns32k (nothing since v6.4; obsolete?)
> NetBSD-sparc (Tom I Helbekkmo, v6.4)
> NetBSD-vax (v6.3; obsolete?)

? NetBSD-alpha (don't know if this has ever been tested)

I don't have any of these platforms or I'd test them.  Is there anyone
who can step up in the next week or so (release is tentatively
scheduled for 15 April) to test the current version on any of this (or
other) hardware?

It would be really great to have a strong showing with good
representation of our ports.  I was hoping we could also get them to
put up some links to our packages, and that would be more useful if
we've tested the release widely.