Subject: Re: Working web browser with 128-bit security in native mode?
To: BSD Packages <>
From: Michael Pederson <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/29/1999 19:03:26

> * Gandhi woulda smacked you ( [990830 00:54]:
> | I'm poking about in pkgsrc/web looking for a web browser capable of
> | 128-bit ("secure") transactions and haven't found it yet.
> | I'd really rather not rely on SunOS or Solaris emulation to get
> | such functionality -- anyone have any pointers?
> They provide an addon for the navigators and the communicator that
> allows 128 bit encryption outside the US. I haven't tried it yet.

But that answers a different question -- navigator/communicator rely
on emulation on NetBSD (on the architectures where they're available
at all), while all the other browsers in pkgsrc/www are effectively
0-bit with respect to secure transactions.  Besides, IIRC greywolf
is in the USA/Canada and doesn't need to bother with such hacks.

#ifdef FLAMEON
Instead, we have forms to fill out in triplicate that state we won't
even think of letting the crappy US 128-bit algorithms cross the border
or else we'll pay through the nose for the privilege of using something
that's as good as what the rest of the world can use for free -- and
fill out forms in triplicate.  It's all resulted in the number 20000929
being burned indelibly into my brain.

I resorted to patching lynx to use SSLeay/OpenSSL; I tried navigator
on the SunOS emulation, but it just didn't play nice with a lot of
other apps on the system.  The patch can be reached via the lynx
pages, but I no longer recall the details.

Version: 2.6.3a
Charset: latin1