Subject: Correct paths for f90 pkg (Linux emulation)?
To: None <>
From: Dr. Lex Wennmacher <wennmach@geo.Uni-Koeln.DE>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/25/1999 17:28:17

in order to have a working f90 compiler under NetBSD/i386 I have prepared and
send-pr'd a pkg that installs Pacific-Sierra Research's VAST/f90 compiler for
Linux. This compiler is a Linux executable, running under Linux emulation,
using the Linux toolchain (emulators/suse_devel), and produces a Linux ELF

The compiler consists of Linux executables, a Linux (static) library, and
documentation. The question (Hubert an I discussed) is, where these pieces
(relative to ${PREFIX}) should go.

-- 1 --
emul/linux/usr/bin                   Executables
emul/linux/usr/lib                   Library
emul/linux/usr/share/doc/vast_f90    Documentation
bin/f90 -> emul/linux/usr/bin/f90    Soft link

-- 2 --
bin                                  Executables
emul/linux/usr/lib                   Library
share/doc/vast_f90                   Documentation

-- 3 --
bin                                  Executables
lib                                  Library
share/doc/vast_f90                   Documentation
bin/f90                              Wrapper script

The pros and cons:
1+: Files are not scattered all over ${PREFIX}
1-: The Linux executables do not really belong under emul/linux. Neither the
documentation. An additional soft link is required.

2+: Works out of the box, without additional soft links or wrapper scripts,
everything is "where it belongs"
2-: Large file scatter

3+: Little file scatter
3-: An additional wrapper script is needed to instruct the Linux executable to
look in the right place for its library (ugly).

I personally prefer 2). Opinions?

-- Lex

Dr. Alexandre Wennmacher
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