Subject: Re: pkg/8160
To: None <,>
From: Webmaster Jim <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/07/1999 08:46:53
On Sat, Aug 07, 1999 at 02:35:00PM +0200, Rene Hexel wrote:
> Webmaster Jim wrote:
> > The pgp5 distfile is not on
>   This is due to the following lines that can be found in the Makefile
> of the package:
> RESTRICTED=     "Cryptographic software"
>    IIRC, the reason for this are U.S. copyright and export restrictions
> that restrict exporting cryptographic software from the U.S. and forbid
> importing the patented (in the U.S.!) RSA algorithm that is part of the
> pgpi software.

That makes sense. However, the command "make fetch-list" produces as a location of the distfile, which seems to me
incorrect and time-wasting. Unfortunately, I don't have a suggestion on
fixing this :-(.

> > As far as name lookup, there is something else wrong besides my
> > [...]
> > 05:04:29/jim> nslookup
> > *** can't find Non-existent host/domain
>   Weird.  Here is what I get:
>   rh> nslookup
>   Server:
>   Address:
>   Non-authoritative answer:
>   Name:
>   Address:
>   Aliases:,
>   I get the same from several other name servers as well.  Anyway, to
> remove that single point of failure (all sites being within ""),
> I have now inserted a couple of additional download sites into the
> package's Makefile that are not part of "".  Be patient,
> however, it might take the ftp server a few hours to catch up on the
> latest pkgsrc (anoncvs might be a bit faster here).
>   Cheers
>    Rene

Ok thanks!  The name resolution is well outside the original problem
report, but I will pursue it via other channels.

Marvin the Paranoid Android says:
You realise this is going to be a complete waste of time don't you?