Subject: Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in July 1999
To: None <>
From: Alistair G. Crooks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 08/05/1999 07:59:51
Changes to the NetBSD Packages Collection in July 1999

July was a busy month again for the packages people, and I must thank
itojun-san for complementing the IPv6 work he did in basesrc and
syssrc by making some of the more popular and useful packages IPv6
aware - the list includes:  apache6, fetchmail, qpopper, rsync, ssh,
and zebra; and to Johnny Lam for updating ncurses, cdk, lynx and

As far as the packages collection goes, Matt Green enabled xpkgwedge
again (this is the package that places X11 packages under
${LOCALBASE}, thereby keeping the X11 tree clean), a "show-downlevel"
target was added which shows any differences between the version of an
installed package and the version in pkgsrc, Hubert re-worked the
README.html page generation so that binary packages built for older
releases will be shown, and we also added patch-file checksums, which
activate MD5 checksums on a package's patch files, and only apply
"officially sanctioned" patches during the "patch" stage of building. 
(local patches will be applied if their names match patch-local-*). 
We also added a DIST_PATH definition, a colon-delimited list of
directories, in which to search for distfiles and patchfiles before
attempting to download them.  This can also be used, for example, to
use a CDROM as the main repository for distfiles, with updated ones
held in different directories.

Notable packages added to the packages collection include: 
afterstep-current, apache6, CompuPic, dict-{client,server}, a number
of biology-related packages, gnofin(thanks, Ted), gnumeric, iodbc,
libggi/libgii, libglade, lwm, plptools, port2pkg, pth, ruby, tcl-cgi,
and xworld.  Notable updates include:  cdk, docbook, dt, fetchmail,
gated, various gnome components, ImageMagick, inn, ircII, libxml,
lsof, lynx, ncurses, ngrep, ntp4, pth (thanks, sakamoto-san),
readline, siag, spim, squid, xemacs, xps, xsane and zebra.

The "Cool Package of the Month" award goes to xworld, which gives me
most of the functionality of xearth or xglobe at a fraction of the
size (both text and data).  Many thanks to Alexandre Wennmacher for
this nice little utility.

Alistair G. Crooks
Wed Aug  4 07:04:07 BST 1999

Changes to the Packages Collection Itself
========================================= Enabled xpkgwedge bits in  Since John
		Darrow's fix for xsrc was commited, this works.
		[mrg 1999-07-01] added a show-downlevel target, which will identify
		the packages whose installed version does not match
		the one in pkgsrc [agc 1999-07-02] README.html files will now include links to "old"
		binary packages.  [hubertf 1999-07-03] Added package patch file checksums
		[agc 1999-07-09] added a DIST_PATH definition, which holds a colon-
		delimited list of directories in which to look for distfiles
		and patchfiles [agc 1999-07-27]

Packages Added to the Packages Collection

	Added afterstep-current 1.7.125 [fredb 1999-07-31]
a NeXT-like window manager for X11

	Added apache6-1.3.6p0 (IPv6-ready variant of apache).
		[itojun 1999-07-24]
The Apache web server (, with IPv6 support

	Added clanlib-0.1.15 [garbled 1999-07-21]
The ClanLib Game SDK.

	Added clustalw-1.8 [rh 1999-07-28]
General purpose multiple alignment program for DNA or proteins

	Added CompuPic-4.6.1005 [hubertf 1999-07-12]
Tool for managing graphics and multimedia files.

	Added dhid-3.0 [jlam 1999-07-19]
Dynamic Host Information System client daemon

	Added dict-client-1.4.9 [tron 1999-07-28]
Dictionary Service Protocol client.

	Added dict-server-1.4.9 [tron 1999-07-28]
Dictionary Service Protocol server.

	Added dopewars-1.4.3 [garbled 1999-07-01]
``Make a fortune dealing drugs on the streets of New York''

	Added dsssl-docbook-modular [drochner 1999-07-01]
DSSSL stylesheets for the DocBook DTD by Norman Walsh

	Added fastDNAml-1.2.1 [rh 1999-07-28]
Program derived from Joseph Felsenstein's version 3.3 DNAML

	Added flex-2.5.4a (only for Solaris) [agc 1999-07-01]
fast clone of lex(1), the lexical scanner generator

	Added g3d-0.0.2 [sakamoto 1999-07-22]
3D modeller with a view of 3D modelling

	Added gdb-4.18 (only for Solaris) [agc 1999-07-01]
symbolic debugger for multiple language frontends

	Added giftrans-1.12.2 [hubertf 1999-07-04]
Manipulate GIF89a images' transparency, comment, ...

	Added glclock-4.6 [drochner 1999-07-22]
OpenGL-based pocket watch.

	Added gnofin-0.5.10 [agc 1999-07-16]
a personal checking/savings account management program

	Added gnome-print-0.4 [rh 1999-07-31]
A prototype implementation of the Gnome Printing Architecture

	Added gnumeric-0.31 [rh 1999-07-31]
A powerful and easy to use spreadsheet program from the GNOME project

	Added iodbc-2.50.3 [jlam 1999-07-15]
ODBC 2.x driver manager 

	Added kdf-0.5.1 [hubertf 1999-07-03]
Shows disk usage graphically and lets you mount/umount devices.

	Added koth-0.6 [hubertf 1999-07-24]
The classic "shoot the other tank" artillery game, networked

	Added kworldwatch-0.6 [hubertf 1999-07-04]
Revolving world map indicating the time in each part of the world

	Added libggi-2.0b2.1 [hubertf 1999-07-24]
General Graphics Interface library is a flexible drawing library

	Added libgii-0.6 [hubertf 1999-07-24]
General Input Interface - API for all possible input sources

	Added libglade-0.2 [rh 1999-07-31]
A runtime interpreter for GLADE gui files

	Added hermes 1.2.5 [garbled 1999-07-08]
Library for conversion of pixel graphics.

	Added lwm-0.8 [jwise 1999-07-09]
the Lightweight Window Manager

	Added nasm-0.98 [sakamoto 1999-07-05]
General-purpose multi-platform x86 assembler

	Added navigator3-3.04 [garbled 1999-07-21]
netscape ver 3 navigator standard edition

	Added ntp-4.0.94a [fredb 1999-07-24]
Network Time Protocol Version 4

	Added OpenPTC-X11-1.0.02 [garbled 1999-07-22]
Prometheus Truecolour for X11

	Added osname-1.1 [kim 1999-07-05]
print canonical name of operating system

	Added pacman-1.0.0 [garbled 1999-07-21]
Pacman, a small demonstration game for ClanLib.

	Added phylip-3.573c [rh 1999-07-28]
Phylogeny Inference Package

	Added plptools-0.3 [sakamoto 1999-07-14]
FTP-like and NFS-like access tools to talk to the PSION

	Added polclock-1.11 [drochner 1999-07-22]
A digital clock with some nice graphics effects.

	Added port2pkg-1.1 [sakamoto 1999-07-27]
Convert from a FreeBSD port to a NetBSD package

	Added pth-1.0b2 [sakamoto 1999-07-05]
GNU pth - GNU Portable Threads

	Added puzzle-4.0.2 [rh 1999-07-28]
Maximum likelihood analysis of molecular sequence data

	Added ruby-1.3.4 [sakamoto 1999-07-09]
the Object-Oriented Script Language

	Added sshsh-1.0 [kim 1999-07-05]
run a new shell with an SSH identity

	Added sux-1.0 [kim 1999-07-05]
set user id, preserving shell and environment, checking ssh agent

	Added tcl-cgi 0.8 [bouyer 1999-07-07]
A library of Tcl procedures to assist in writing CGI scripts

	Added tcl-gdbm 0.6 [bouyer 1999-07-07]
tcl interface to gdbm - GNU database manager

	Added xchat-1.0.0 [tron 1999-07-05]
X11 (X Window System) IRC client, using the GTK+ toolkit.

	Added xemacs-packages-1.0 [tron 1999-07-05]
Common elisp packages for xemacs 21

	Added xroads-0.5 [hubertf 1999-07-01]
Overhead view maze-based shoot 'em up game

	Added xworld-2.0 [hubertf 1999-07-28]
The earth as seen from the direction of the sun

	Added ywho-1.1 [kim 1999-07-11]
who, users, uptime on clients in a sun-RPC network

Updated Packages in the Packages Collection

	Updated cdk to 4.9.8 [jlam 1999-07-06]
the Curses Development Kit

	Updated docbook to 3.1 [drochner 1999-07-01]
An SGML DTD designed for computer documentation

	Updated dt to 1.1.7 [ender 1999-07-06]
Virtual consoles for NetBSD/mac68k (and macppc?).

	Updated fetchmail to 5.0.5 [frueauf 1999-07-02]
	Updated fetchmail to include IPv6 support, using the
		USE_INET6 definition [itojun 1999-07-08]
batch mail retrieval/forwarding utility for pop2, pop3, apop, imap.

	Updated freeciv to 1.8.1 [garbled 1999-07-22]
A free Civilization clone for Unix and X.

	Updated gated to 3.5.11 [christos 1999-07-06]
Routing protocol daemon.

	Updated gcombust to 0.1.18 [hubertf 1999-07-01]
Graphical frontend for CD mastering (mkhybrid, cdrecord, ...)

	Updated gmc to 4.5.33 [tron 1999-07-15]
Gnome version of Midnight Commander, a free Norton Commander Clone

	Updated gnofin to 0.6.0 [mellon 1999-07-23]
a personal checking/savings account management program

	Updated gnome-core to 1.0.7 [tron 1999-07-15]
Base component of GNU Network Object Management Environment

	Updated gnome-libs to 1.0.10 [tron 1999-07-14]
libaries for the GNU Network Object Model Environment

	Updated gnome-pim to 1.0.8 [rh 1999-07-24]
A Personal Information Manager for GNOME.

	Updated gqmpeg to 0.6.3 [hubertf 1999-07-12]
an X Windows front end to mpg123

	Updated gtkglarea to 1.2.1 [sakamoto 1999-07-22]
OpenGL/Mesa widget for GTK+ GUI toolkit

	Updated id3ed to 1.9 [hubertf 1999-07-04]
Edit id3 description tags in mpeg3 files

	Updated ImageMagick to 4.2.8 [tron 1999-07-22]
a package for display and interactive manipulation of images

	Updated inn to 2.2 [tron 1999-07-19]
the public release of InterNet News (INN).

	Updated ircII to 4.4J [mrg 1999-07-15]
The 'Internet Relay Chat' and 'Internet Citizens Band' Client.

	Updated libxml to 1.4.0 [rh 1999-07-31]
An XML parser, mainly used by the GNOME project.

	Updated logrot to 1.5 [lukem 1999-07-28]
Rotate log files in a safe and configurable manner

	Updated lsof to 4.45 [tron 1999-07-30]
Lists information about open files.

	Updated lynx to 2.8.2 [jlam 1999-07-02]
An alphanumeric display oriented World-Wide Web Client.

	Updated mc to 4.5.33 [tron 1999-07-15]
Midnight Commander, a free Norton Commander Clone

	Updated mpg123-0.59r [tron 1999-07-10]
Command-line player for mpeg layer 1, 2 and 3 audio

	Updated mtv to [thorpej 1999-07-15]
MPEG Video+Audio and VCD Player

	Updated ncurses to 4.2 [jlam 1999-07-06]
CRT screen handling and optimization package

	Updated ngrep to 1.33 [hubertf 1999-07-15]
network grep

	Updated ntp4 to 4.0.94b [fredb 1999-07-27]
	Updated ntp4 to 4.0.95 [fredb 1999-07-28]
Network Time Protocol Version 4

	Updated pkglibtool to 1.2p2 [tron 1999-07-17]
Generic shared library support script for NetBSD packages.

	Updated pkglint to 1.73 [agc 1999-07-08]
A verifier for NetBSD package directory.

	Updated plan to 1.8.2 [mjl 1999-07-15]
a schedule planner based on X/Motif.

	Updated pth to 1.0b4 [sakamoto 1999-07-09]
	Updated pth to 1.0b5 [sakamoto 1999-07-13]
	Updated pth to 1.0b7 [sakamoto 1999-07-16]
	Updated pth to 1.0.0 [sakamoto 1999-07-19]
GNU pth - GNU Portable Threads

	Updated qpopper to include IPv6 support, using the
		USE_INET6 definition [itojun 1999-07-08]
Qualcomm's POP server for Eudora

	Updated readline to 4.0 [jlam 1999-07-12]
GNU library which can recall and edit previous input

	Updated rsync to include IPv6 support, using the
		USE_INET6 definition [itojun 1999-07-08]
A network file distribution/synchronisation utility.

	Updated siag to 3.1.20 [mjl 1999-07-13]
Poor man's office suite with spreadsheet, word processor, etc.

	Updated sidplay to 1.36.35 [frueauf 1999-07-04]
tools for playing sidtunes.

	Updated spim to 6.2 [deberg 1999-07-17]
MIPS R2000 Simulator

	Updated squid to 2.2s4 [tron 1999-07-14]
Post-Harvest_cached WWW proxy cache and accelerator

	Updated ssh to include IPv6 support, using the
		USE_INET6 definition [itojun 1999-07-08]
Secure shell client and server (remote login program).

	Updated tfkiss to 1.1.0 [frueauf 1999-07-27]
a software implementation of TheFirmware for use with TNT.

	Updated xemacs to 21.1.4 [tron 1999-07-14]
XEmacs text editor version 21

	Updated xps to 3.14 [sakamoto 1999-07-13]
displays the Unix process list as a hierarchical tree

	Updated xsane to 0.30 [rh 1999-07-27]
A new improved frontend for SANE.

	Updated xscreensaver to 3.16 [frueauf 1999-07-02]
	Updated xscreensaver to 3.17 [frueauf 1999-07-23]
a screen saver and locker for the X window system.

	Updated xsidplay to 1.3.8 [frueauf 1999-07-08]
a Commdore 64 music player and SID chip emulator for X11.

	Updated zebra to 0.70 [itojun 1999-07-06]
	Updated zebra to 0.71 [itojun 1999-07-06]
	Updated zebra to include IPv6 support, using the
		USE_INET6 definition [itojun 1999-07-07]
	Updated zebra to 0.72 [itojun 1999-07-11]
	Updated zebra to 0.73 [itojun 1999-07-15]
	Updated zebra to 0.74 [itojun 1999-07-17]
Free multithreaded routing daemon software