Subject: Re: PS re: broken package (fwd)
To: Bernd Sieker <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/16/1998 12:44:27
> Gimp is a bitch as far as packaging it is concerned. There are some
> problems I'm currently trying to figure out. Namely that _building_
> gimp requires the script-fu plug-in to be _installed_! Like pulling
> yourself out of the swamps by you own hair as once Munchhausen did.
> Be aware that the 1.0.0-gimp will _not_ work with gtk 1.1, but
> _requires_ gtk-1.0 (available as the package gtk10i). This conflicts
> with gtk-1.1, and both should not be installed at the same time. There
> is no clean solution to this dilemma that I can see.
> If you have any suggestions for the above mentioned problems, your
> input is highly welcome, as I don't have too much time myself to
> figure them out.

My semi-implemented solution was to have gtk10 install its header files
into ${PREFIX}/include/gtk10, and have the libs called libgtk10.a etc,
and then point anything that depended on gtk to the correct version.

I can forward you my changes, if I can find them. Let me know.

Take care,