Subject: problem with snap-19981105: cannot install old pkgs?
To: None <>
From: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/09/1998 01:24:52
I gave up waiting on complete plug-and-play PCMCIA and and installed
the latest snapshot on my laptop instead of Linux. this is an old
machine with a small disk, so I installed only base and etc.

The biggest glitch is that (unlike on previous i386 desktop installs)
I can no longer install the prebuilt binary packages!

First, pkg_add was unhappy. For every prebuilt package I tried (from
the 1.3E directory on, it said that there was a
previous verwsion of '' installed.  It looks like thats' because no
/var/pkg/ directory got created on my minimal install.

So I created a /var/pkg by hand.  But now pkg_add aborts
because it cannot do

	move_file(".", BUILD_VERSION_FNAME, LogDir);
	move_file(".", BUILD_INFO_FNAME, LogDir);

because, ahah, those files dont exist in older prebuilt packages.
Which makes the prebuilt packages pretty darn useless IMHO.
(how come nobody  bothered to test this?)

looks to me like doing

	if (fexists(BUILD_VERSION_NAME))
	    move_file(".", BUILD_VERSION_FNAME, LogDir);
	if (fexists(BUILD_INFO_NAME))
	    move_file(".", BUILD_INFO_FNAME, LogDir);

would at least get the packages installed, even if the information was
not complete. (but that would be no worse than if the same packages
had been installed by the old pkg_add binary,right??)

Anyway, this has been a less than thoroughly enjoyable experience.
I hope there's a quick resolution of this and that the recent i386
snapshot can be rebuilt with a pkg_add that actually works.