Subject: Changes to the Packages Collection in October 1998.
To: None <>
From: Alistair Crooks <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 11/02/1998 02:50:05
Changes to the Packages Collection in October 1998

Two new categories have been added:  parallel, and japanese, we have
added package versioning support to the packages collection, and a
check is now made, automatically, when building packages, that the
pkg_install tools are up to date.  Notable additions are:  coda, many
more benchmarks, the parallel packages like pvm, mpi-ch, and glunix,
basic GNOME functionality, and nawk.  Notable updated packages include
apache, fetchmail, gtk, kaffe, lesstif, mysql, squid-current, tcsh,
and ucd-snmp.

Alistair Crooks
Mon Nov  2 07:20:01 GMT 1998

Changes to the Packages collection

	Added category parallel [garbled 1998-10-13]
Applications dealing with parallelism in computing

	Added category japanese [garbled 1998-10-28]
Packages with japanese language support

	Added the creation of a +BUILD_VERSION file, when registering
		a package, which contains the NetBSD RCS Id strings
		from files which control the construction of the package.
		Updated pkg_install tools to display this file.
		[agc 1998-10-13]

	Added logic to to check that the pkg_add, pkg_create,
		pkg_delete and pkg_info tools are up-to-date, and in sync
		with the version of [agc 1998-10-15]

Added Packages

	Added ap-fastcgi-2.0.17 [tv 1998-10-03]
A new, improved CGI-like interface module for Apache.

	Added benchfft-2.0 [garbled 1998-10-21]
Benchmark your machine with a number of FFT algorithims

	Added clusterit-1.0 [garbled 1998-10-13]
A clustering package for unix

	Added coda_client [rvb 1998-10-05]
clients for an experimental, replicated, high-performance network file system.

	Added coda_doc [rvb 1998-10-05]
documentation for an experimental, replicated, high-performance network file system.

	Added coda_intro [rvb 1998-10-05]
introduction to an experimental, replicated, high-performance network file system.

	Added coda_server [rvb 1998-10-05]
server for an experimental, replicated, high-performance network file system.

	Added craft-3.5 [garbled 1998-10-12]
a Warcraft-like game for X11

	Added electricfence-2.0.5 [garbled 1998-10-26]
a different kind of malloc() debugger.

	Added fftw-2.0.1 [garbled 1998-10-21]
a collection of fast C routines to compute DFTs

	Added fib-980203 [garbled 1998-10-21]
a mathematical benchmark

	Added flops-2.0 [garbled 1998-10-21]
a floating point benchmark to give your MFLOPS rating.

	Added glunix-1.0a [garbled 1998-10-21]
A Global Layer Unix for NOW. (Network Of Workstations)

	Added gnome-core-0.30 [agc 1998-10-07]
Base component of GNU Network Object Management Environment

	Added heapsort-1.0 [garbled 1998-10-21]
benchmark program for variable sized arrays.

	Added ja-less-332 [garbled 1998-10-28]
less + zcat + ISO-2022 - a pager similar to more and pg

	Added jed0.98-7 [hwr 1998-10-31]
Texteditor with many features, extensible through S-Lang functions.

	Added libgtop-0.26 [agc 1998-10-07]
library to retrieve system information, used in GNOME.

	Added mpeg_play-2.4 [tv 1998-10-06]
A program to play mpeg movies on X displays

	Added mpi-ch-1.1.1 [garbled 1998-10-13]
a free implementation of the Message Passing Interface.

	Added nawk-19980211 [agc 1998-10-15]
Brian Kernighan's pattern-directed scanning and processing language

	Added nfsbug V1.0 [hubertf 1998-10-08]
NFS security verification suite

	Added nsieve-1.2b [garbled 1998-10-21]
a Sieve of Eratosthenes benchmark.

	Added p5-FCGI-0.42 [tv 1998-10-04]
perl5 library for FastCGI, a fast startup alternative to CGI.

	Added pspp-0.2.0 [frueauf 1998-10-26]
A program for statistical analysis of sampled data.

	Added pvm-3.4.6 [garbled 1998-10-13]
Parallel Virtual Machine libraries and environment

	Added slrn- [hwr 1998-10-31]
A powerful threaded newsreader, that is highly customizable.

	Added squid-current now at 2.0.RELEASE [kim 1998-10-09]
Post-Harvest_cached WWW proxy cache and accelerator

	Added vista-5.05 [frueauf 1998-10-03]
a visual statistics system.

	Added xgraph-11 [frueauf 1998-10-13]
a tool to draw a graph on an X11 display.

	Added xldlas-0.85 [frueauf 1998-10-03]
an XForms-based statistics package.

	Added xlispstat-3.52.5 [frueauf 1998-10-03]
a statistics/X11 based lisp interpreter.

	Added xmeter-1.15 [agc 1998-10-30]
displays a number of remote machine load meters.

Updated Packages

	Updated addnerd to 1.6 [agc 1998-10-13]
A small C utility to add a user

	Updated apache to 1.3.2 [tv 1998-10-03]
The Apache web server (

	Updated apache-modssl to 1.3.2 [tv 1998-10-03]
The popular Apache HTTP server with SSL extension.

	Updated bzip2 to 0.9.0b [tron 1998-10-14]
A block-sorting file compressor

	Updated cdrecord to 1.6.1 [hubertf 1998-10-22]
This program allows you to create CDs on a CD-Recorder.

	Updated clusterit to 1.1 [garbled 1998-10-15]
A clustering package for unix

	Updated fetchmail to 4.6.1 [frueauf 1998-10-16]
	Updated fetchmail to 4.6.2 [frueauf 1998-10-18]
	Updated fetchmail to 4.6.3 [frueauf 1998-10-22]
	Updated fetchmail to 4.6.4 [frueauf 1998-10-28]
	Updated fetchmail to 4.6.5 [frueauf 1998-10-30]
batch mail retrieval/forwarding utility for pop2, pop3, apop, imap.

	Updated glib to 1.1.3 [tron 1998-10-04]
Some useful routines for C programming.

	Updated gnome-libs to 0.30.1 [tron 1998-10-05]
libaries for the GNU Network Object Model Environment

	Updated grail to 0.5 [tsarna 1998-11-01]
Grail(TM) is a web browser written in Python.

	Updated gtk+ to 1.1.2 [tron 1998-10-04]
The gimp toolkit. Libraries for building X11 user interfaces.

	Updated ImageMagick to 4.1.2 [tron 1998-10-14]
	Updated ImageMagick to 4.1.3 [tron 1998-11-01]
a package for display and interactive manipulation of images

	Updated kaffe to 1.0.b2 [frueauf 1998-10-14]
Virtual machine capable of running Java(tm) code.

	Updated lesstif to 0.86.9 [frueauf 1998-10-31]
API compatible clone of the Motif toolkit.

	Updated mc to 4.1.35 [tv 1998-10-04]
Midnight Commander, a free Norton Commander Clone

	Updated mysql to 3.21.33b [bad 1998-10-28]
	Updated mysql mit-pthreads for 1.3H signal changes [bad 1998-10-28]
	Updated mysql mit-pthreads support for 1.3/1.3H on sparc and arm32
		(enabled building server on sparc) [bad 1998-10-28]
MySQL, a free SQL database server

	Updated ntop to 1.0 [kim 1998-10-11]
shows network usage (similar to "top" for processes)

	Updated ORBit to 0.3.0 [agc 1998-10-05]
high-performance CORBA ORB with support for the C language

	Updated pkg_install to 19981019 [agc 1998-10-21]
	Updated pkg_install to 19981026 [agc 1998-10-26]
NetBSD-current's pkg_* tools

	Updated pvm3 to 3.4b7 [agc 1998-10-16]
Parallel Virtual Machine libraries and environment

	Updated py-mysql to 1.4 [tsarna 1998-10-19]
MySQLmodule 1.1.0 for Python 1.5(.x)

	Updated sirc to V2.211, plus added some example scripts from
		the web page, while there. [hubertf 1998-10-04]
IRC client written and programmable in perl

	Updated squid-current to 2.0.PATCH1 [kim 1998-10-11]
	Updated squid-current to 2.0.PATCH2 [kim 1998-10-12]
Post-Harvest_cached WWW proxy cache and accelerator

	Updated suck to 3.10.1 [frueauf 1998-10-16]
Feed a local news server without a dedicated newsfeed.

	Updated tcsh to 6.08.00 [kim 1998-10-03]
An extended C-shell with many useful features.

	Updated ucd-snmp to 3.5.3 [agc 1998-10-07]
an extensible SNMP implementation.

	Updated vile to 8.1 [agc 1998-10-05]
VI Like Emacs.  a vi "workalike", with many additional features.

	Updated xosview to 1.6.2.a [garbled 1998-10-21]
X11 graphical display of OS statistics

	Updated xscreensaver to 2.32 [frueauf 1998-10-05]
	Updated xscreensaver to 2.33 [frueauf 1998-10-07]
	Updated xscreensaver to 2.34 [frueauf 1998-10-11]
	Updated xscreensaver to 3.00 [frueauf 1998-10-22]
	Updated xscreensaver to 3.02 [frueauf 1998-10-29]
a screen saver and locker for the X window system.

	Updated xvile to 8.1 [agc 1998-10-05]
VI Like Emacs, X11 version -- a fully "X aware" vi work-alike