Subject: Re: pkgsrc changes.
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: I presume I need no introduction. <>
List: tech-pkg
Date: 06/25/1998 00:07:01
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Hubert Feyrer sez:
 * [First, please let's take this to tech-pkg now that we have it :]

Done. :-)

 * On Tue, 23 Jun 1998 wrote:
 * > I'm wondering why we didn't try to make a SysV-compatible pkg* suite.
 * > I've just been given the task of actually _building_ packages on my
 * > Real Job[TM], and after having to write installation software from scratch,
 * > I cannot sufficiently emphasize the advantage of having a Real Software
 * > Installation suite.
 * > 
 * > pkg{mk,add,rm} are nice.
 * Admittedly, I'm not familiar with the SysV tools. I do know some 
 * (well...) of the features of the tools we currently use, and I also know 
 * quite some deficiencies. Getting some functional enhancements wouldn't 
 * hurt, I guess, if the price is ok:
 *  - Is there a chance to make these tools binary compatible at pkg level, 
 *    so pkgadd can add pkgs created by pkg_create (so users can go and 
 *    install "old" pkgs)?

I'm sure we could write something which operated in old mode _for the
interim_ (i.e. we should warn that "old mode" will go away sometime
in the future, like within the next two releases).

 *  - How well will these pkg tools integrate into our building process? 
 *    What pre-requirements do they have? Is this our great chance to drop  
 *    PLIST? :)

I'm not sure how the current version even works, but if we were to have a
common interface, it would make it easier to port packages between systems.

 *  - If you say you do this for for your Real Job, will we be able to use 
 *    it? I.e. is it possible/acceptable for you to release that code under 
 *    a BSD licence then

This isn't an issue.  There's nothing saying in the first place that we
can't write something which looks, smells and feels like pkg*.  Licensing
is not a problem since we're not actually using Missed-em Five source code.

 * I dare saying that there's some interrest in this. :)
 *  - Hubert
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 * Hubert Feyrer <>

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