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GSoC report

Hi Martin,

I started on ath(4).  My idea so far was to convert the driver, as it
already exists, as straightforwardly as possible.  I disabled a lot of
functions/code and made the bare minimum changes till it compiled,
then progressively re-enabled stuff, adjusting as necessary and
incorporating some bits from FreeBSD.  That brought the driver to the
point where "ifconfig wlan0 list scan" works (wpa_supplicant doesn't).
There's still a lot of code I haven't really tried to understand.

The alternative would be to import an entirely new FreeBSD version of
ath (though it consists of more source files, in its own directory
dev/ath; not sure how best to map that onto NetBSD), or that could be
done in the future?  It probably has more overlap with athn(4) if that
matters.  So any advice on strategy would be appreciated.


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