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Re: Complete lock-up from using pkgsrc/net/darkstat

	hello.  You're right, I missed that bit of data.  I thought the machines were hanging in
mid operation and "dying" in the night.

If shutting the process down  hangs the system, that makes me think the program is closing its
file descriptors, especially the network ones, in a way that's different than most programs do
it.  I wonder if the system hangs if darkstat is sent a sigkill, thus not allowing it to
control its death?  If it doesn't hang under that circumstance, then I'd definitely be
interested in understanding how it shuts things down when it receives a signal it can work

On May 26,  5:17pm, Mouse wrote:
} Subject: Re: Complete lock-up from using pkgsrc/net/darkstat
} > I'd be very surprised if the problem is running interfaces in
} Go back and read the original post - the hang is not during operation;
} then hang is upon killing darkstat, whether during otherwise-normal
} operation or during shutdown.
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