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Re: Complete lock-up from using pkgsrc/net/darkstat

	hello.  I'd be very surprised if the problem is running interfaces in promiscuous mode.
Anyone using bridge(4), or vlans, for example, is runing their interfaces in promiscuous mode,
as is anyone running a dhcp server, or any sort of arpwatch.  I find it highly unlikely that
the network stack is that broken.  I'm guessing it's a memory issue with darkstat --
specifically, it has a memory leak that runs the system it runs on out of RAM.  I bet if you
add a ton of swap to a system on which you run darkstat, you'll find it runs longer before it
hangs, and, I'm guessing you'll notice there is a lot of swap in use before it hangs.  NetBSD
has never been that good at dealing with memoory shortages.


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