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Re: squid on 9.2: No buffer space available (Stephen Borrill) writes:

>As an aside, I have seen similar messages when trying to do a UDP 
>bandwidth test with netio.

That's regular BSD behaviour. When you send packets faster than
you can emit on the wire, buffers of any size run full and you

On other systems, such packets may be silently dropped (they could
be dropped silently on the network path anyway).

The correct way to handle this is to rate limit UDP packets in the
application or even to implement some kind of flow control in the

Squid implements 'delay pools' for rate limiting, I'm not sure
if that also applies to the UDP traffic between caches.

Another way might be to move away from ICP (UDP based) to other
cache protocols.

Squid can also do logging via UDP, the configuration there seems
to have its own "buffer-size" option.

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